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School holidays over so it’s time for another meeting! Heralding a call to return back to some of the more fundamental aspects of Silverlight development, I’m pleased to announce that the next meeting will feature Guy Smith-Ferrier (who organises the .Net Developer Network) talking about Internationalizing Silverlight.   In case you missed it – Silverlight 4 […]

So, our Silverlight focus was shifted away from the web and towards Windows Phone 7 for the Silverlight UK User Group on July 21st! With all the hype and mystery surrounding the new soon-to-be-launched phone OS, the night was a perfect opportunity to learn and debunk some myths from Ian Blackburn, who has been  fortunate […]

Some may lament England’s exit from the World Cup 2010 Finals, but it means there’s less distraction to trying all the latest technologies, open APIs and devices this summer…. namely Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7, Bing (Maps too), Silverlight Pivot, IIS Express, Razor, WebMatrix…. oh and those other hyped up devices such […]