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I’ve used the internet in some shape or form for about 20 years, so it’s like chewing your arm off in frustration when your connection to the internet is suddenly revoked! If you’ve noticed a lack of social media activity on my or Michelle’s part then its because we’ve tightened up security at EMC since […]

A return to “Silverlight Wednesday” was heralded by a large turnout for the first meeting of the Silverlight UK User Group in 2011. It became obvious that Expression Blend is a black art that more and more intrepid Silverlight developers and designers are wanting to become more familiar with, so Sam Bourton from QuantumBlack did […]

I bought myself a Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7, despite it’s foibles I really do think it’s an excellent bit of kit. I mainly use the video player for my train ride into work, and the games too. Oh, I know that the iPhone and Android phones have loads of apps and games available, but there […]