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Every time I connect to Team Foundation Server using Visual Studio 2008 I’ve been bombarded with a dialog message pestering me that I’m not logged into Windows Live Messenger. It’s puzzled me for a while, why on earth would Visual Studio 2008 want to connect to Windows Live Messenger? I had completely forgot that I […]

I recently cleaned out my laptop and realised that I did not backup my Visual Studio settings or any of the other tweaks or enhancements that I’ve made over the years. Most infuriatingly my Intellisense for NHibernate mapping files disappeared, so to put them back in place: If you haven’t got the latest version of […]

TFS Error TF80042

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Yarrrggh! I was trying to open up my product backlog in Excel – It is held in TFS through the Scrum for Team System process template. I fell foul of the following error stating that I had an issue with Office, Excel or one of its components. I doubt that this is a particular fault […]