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There’s been an annoying dialog box popping up each time I open my .NET project, getting rid of it proved a bit of a riddle but an interesting road of discovery which might solve a similar set of issues. You can obviously select one of the settings and as Visual Studio to remember your decision, […]

I’ve been digging through a fair number of my old Silverlight demos/projects and been bashing into a fair number of “upgrade issues” when opening my older code. The two changes that have brought this problem to light is the transition from Silverlight 2 to 3 and a shift in the Silverlight SDK. Consider the example […]

Just a quick one for reference (although it took me a bit to figure out)… I was upgrading my application from Silverlight 2 to Silverlight 3 I must have tidied up my Xaml and introduced a compilation error. Both Visual Studio 2008 and Blend3 did not pick it up at design time – much to […]