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This should hopefully be, the final part of what has turned out to be a three part series documenting my thoughts on managing my laptop’s disk resources. It all started when I swapped my old laptop hard disk for a superb 500GB Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive to help alleviate my disk space […]

This is part two of my journey into managing my laptop’s disk resources. Part one, was about moving my working environment to a new disk with minimum of fuss [You can read that post here: “How to turn a physical disk into a bootable VHD”]. Disk management is one of those things that is never […]

My 160GB hard disk is running out of free space. Seriously low… It’s amazing that I’ve managed to fill it up with so much stuff and it’s all work stuff too. Now normally I rebuild my laptop every 4 months or so (yes I really do) but this time, I don’t necessarily have the luxury […]