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This is part two of my journey into managing my laptop’s disk resources. Part one, was about moving my working environment to a new disk with minimum of fuss [You can read that post here: “How to turn a physical disk into a bootable VHD”]. Disk management is one of those things that is never […]

Soon after I installed the Windows Phone 7 ‘NoDo’ update (see my previous post), another update pops up. This time, instead of a functionality update, this one is more concerned with replacing some fraudulent web certificates (more details here). Sounds like a good idea. However, before the update process can get into gear it abruptly […]

I bought myself a Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7, despite it’s foibles I really do think it’s an excellent bit of kit. I mainly use the video player for my train ride into work, and the games too. Oh, I know that the iPhone and Android phones have loads of apps and games available, but there […]