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Well, the title is correct in one way – for over a year, I have been the principal design authority on the technical vision and delivery of this new and exciting way to explore Ordnance Survey maps. I won’t by any means deny the fact that I was only one of a small team of […]

Twas a cold and wintery evening when I hosted the last Silverlight UK User Group session of 2010 – in fact it threatened to snow just as we opened the doors. Thankfully that did not put off the some of the more hardened members of the group, including a couple of new faces and as […]

Snow has dominated the UK headlines recently, giving rise to the BBC News new media sound bite of Frozen Britain. I wonder if I should have cancelled my ski holiday and headed for the local hills! Hopefully you won’t be suffering from being snowed-in come February 3rd for the first meeting of the Silverlight UK […]