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Well, I have to thank Paul Dawson and Rob Chandler for giving me my first proper media opportunity to speak in front of the camera about Silverlight and Expression Blend. Microsoft were filming a number of short interviews for their Web Chemistry campaign and as part of the unrehearsed, tell-it-like-it-is style of filming, I only […]

So, "possibly the biggest Silverlight show on earth" was over and gone… but not everyone had the chance to go and experience the event first hand – even with the wonders of Silverlight web streaming, you could probably only pick up half of the buzz that was going on. Even though the event has now […]

There’s been an annoying dialog box popping up each time I open my .NET project, getting rid of it proved a bit of a riddle but an interesting road of discovery which might solve a similar set of issues. You can obviously select one of the settings and as Visual Studio to remember your decision, […]