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Crikey, it really has been 2 months since the Silverlight UK User Group (SLUGUK) last got together for an evening of Silverlight. I’ve always tried to get presenters and sessions lined up so that we can have a SLUGUK every 6-8 weeks… but they are proving a bit elusive at the moment. Coupled with the […]

Well, the title is correct in one way – for over a year, I have been the principal design authority on the technical vision and delivery of this new and exciting way to explore Ordnance Survey maps. I won’t by any means deny the fact that I was only one of a small team of […]

Wow again! We had a tremendous response for the February 2010 meeting of the Silverlight UK User Group. Many thanks to all that attended and especially those that had to stand during the first session. The conference room at Microsoft’s Cardinal Place normally seats 80 and had about 95 attendees in total. We have grabbed […]