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It’s out! The Microsoft team have been incredibly busy but they’ve managed to make Silverlight 2 Beta 2 public today! Get your old versions of Silverlight uninstalled and upgrade to the new Beta now! Like the previous Beta 1, it comes with "Go Live" licence to allow developers and organizations authorization to begin deployment of […]

I run various Virtual PC systems from my laptop but recently, for some reason I lost the VPC 2007 console off screen. I thought that a new addition to my list of VPCs had trashed my configuration, since I could run a desired VPC by double-clicking it’s respective ".vmc" file but the VPC console would […]

What better a subject for my first Conchango blog post here than the kickoff of the Silverlight UK User Group? Well, I helped facilitate the inaugural event here in our London office (Notcutt House) last night with Michelle Flynn and our main frontman Paul “awesome” Dawson. Firstly, a massive thanks for all that attended because […]