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I know… it’s been quiet. Very quiet on the Silverlight scene indeed. Since our last meeting, “mainstream” Silverlight has been steadily retreating behind the corporate firewall where it still favours rich, interactive, user interfaces delivered via the browser. From the perspective of organising the user group, this has made it very difficult to coax out […]

There was quite a breeze of announcements, chatter and hype following the /BUILD/ conference in September. Replacing the usual PDC event, /BUILD/ heralded the arrival of Windows8 and the new platform framework (Windows Runtime – WinRT) that enables you to target your applications to desktops, tablets and more. The WinRT platform certainly does mean some […]

/BUILD/. Now wasn’t that a conference of suspense! Wow. Windows 8, redefining our interactions and embracing not just the traditional computer, but tablets and other touch devices too. I have not seen such a bold statement of intent since PDC2000 when Microsoft announced it’s plans for a revamp of it’s code/application subsystem – .NET! Now […]