Mark Mann – that’s my name… this is my website!

I’m a Software Architect for EMC Consulting, specialising in Microsoft technologies and I also happen to help run the Silverlight UK User Group too. If you happen to ask me what technologies I’m into, then I’ld say, Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7, GIS mapping and now I’m getting arms deep in cloud technologies such as Azure.

I’ve had an “internet presence” since 1998 in one shape or another, writing up my travelling adventures on my round the world trip in 2003-04 (incorporating watching England win the Rugby World Cup in Australia). Then blogging became more mainstream and various periods of flirting with different technologies have left blog posts in a historic trail of bits (mainly ending up in backup files or archived offline). Now, I’ve moved to the WordPress platform from which I’ve promised myself to dig through the ages consolidate all my old posts into one place.

So, this is my personal blog site, which expresses my own opinions and ramblings on things I’ve done or observed over the years. I also have a professional blog at EMC Consulting too. Unfortunately the EMC servers had a security hiccup in late January 2010 and this has prompted me to cross-post so that I can guarantee an alternative backup/archive plus retain a better control of what I can publish.