DevOps. It’s a term that is being frequently voiced in enterprise software development nowadays, having received strong support from the grassroots development community for a couple of years. DevOps is the marriage of Development and Operations, but some people fail to recognise the potential of this union and most still misunderstand its role within the organisation.

So on a welcome return visit to the The Developers Group (DG) on May 15th, I gave an introduction to DevOps, explaining what it is, what it hopes to achieve and how to introduce it. In fact, sometimes it is just recognising that you’re already doing elements of DevOps without you knowing, especially for the smaller development shops and lean start-ups who tend to have the more hands on approach and are less susceptible to enforce divisions between development and operations tasks. My slide deck of the day is below.


Summary: Introducing DevOps
In this increasingly competitive and demanding world, businesses are adapting by adopting lean and agile principles. Those that rely heavily on IT systems put pressure to keep up system stability and availability yet demand an ever growing list of new features and configurations with tighter deadlines and limited resources. Something has to give, right? Well, DevOps is one of the key roles to help balance out these demands and has been slowly gaining momentum to the point that it is now becoming a recognised and essential player in mainstream IT. This session will give you a primer into the world of DevOps – what it is and what it hopes to achieve in your business.

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Many thanks to Pete who was the DG host-of-the-day and Joanna for inviting me back. The other sessions of the day might be on the DG website.