Since MIX11, tech.days.2011 and the AllThingsD conference (where we got a first peek at Windows 8), there’s been yet more mutterings as to the relationship between HTML5 and Silverlight. Shame that within the designer-development community there is still a wave of uncertainty as to the future direction of Silverlight and highlights a common nervousness to commit to one of these web technologies. You should not be nervous – embrace WPF, Silverlight, HTML depending on the problem or environment you are publishing to. As Mike Taulty (Microsoft DPE) stated at our last meeting: “Even now, we still have WinForms available as a core technology”.

Our speaker for the next Silverlight UK User Group is well versed in the differences between WPF, Silverlight, HTML and (dare i say it) Flash in the world of business applications – Colin Eberhardt; who will focus on how to leverage your application to become cross-platform (with as little pain as possible!) and possibly mute those technology fears when you witness how transferable both codebase and experience really is. Colin is usually resident in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, so I’m pleased that he’s able to visit the south and can confirm the following agenda:


Date: Wednesday 29th June 2011
Time: Registration @ 18:15, Kick off @18:30 – please don’t be late! Till about 20:30
Where: EMC Consulting 
Notcutt House, 36 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9EU.

Registration is required, so please register by sending us an email.
Registered attendees will be notified with any final details by Monday 27th June. If you change your mind and decide on not coming, please be considerate of others and let us know in good time so that we can release the space to someone on the waiting list.



Registration @18:00

Welcome/Kick off @ 18:30

WPF and Silverlight; Unifying the Development Platform for Desktop, Web and Mobile
with Colin Eberhardt from Scott Logic Ltd

The recent boom in mobile and tablet devices and the ubiquity of the web mean that we, as software developers, have found ourselves developing for a wide range of devices. All-to-often applications destined for the web, desktop and mobile are developed separately at great cost. This talk will look at how the XAML based technologies of WPF and Silverlight allow you to use your skills to build application for a wide range of platforms. Furthermore, with the use of simple design patterns, it is possible to share a common code-base for all three. In this talk I will cover the differences and similarities of WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, with a practical demonstration of cross-platform application development.


About Colin Eberhardt

Colin Eberhardt 

Colin Eberhardt PhD BSc, Technical Architect, Scott Logic Ltd – Colin is a prolific technical author who writes on Microsoft .NET and Silverlight related topics.  Colin also provides technical direction for many of Scott Logic’s financial clients covering many technologies.

Colin Eberhardt’s blog | Twitter: @ColinEberhardt | LinkedIn Profile


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