We were packed out at Notcutt House for May’s Silverlight UK User Group. Excellent to see that there is a lot of interest and passion still buzzing about for Silverlight. Mike Taulty was our sole guest speaker of the night and relished the extra time to go into the depths of the new features of Silverlight 5 (beta). Unfortunately Chris Arnold was called away at last moment and could not give us an update on the imminent release of PivotViewer v2 – however I’ve got him in my sights to do a full slot in the future, rather than just an update.

Here is another reminder that the big week long event is happening next week: Tech.Days.2011. If you have not already taken a look, there are plenty of great sessions (both speakers and content) at this mini-conference. There may be some seats still available for various sessions but much of it will be recorded too.


I normally give a shout out to the other user groups that are running events in the area, so here is an excerpt of those I put into my introductory slides at the start of the evening.

Windows Phone 7 May 24-25th wpug.net
London .NET May 31st dnug.org.uk
Canary Wharf .NET June 1st meetup.com/cwdnug
SharePoint UK June 1st suguk.org
UX Sketch Club June 8th meetup.com/ux-sketch-club
The Fantastic Tavern tba thefantastictavern.co.uk
Bing Maps tba bingmapsuk.ning.com

One of the best resources to look at or subscribe to is MSDN Flash.

Slides: Silverlight UK User Group Introduction – by Mark Mann.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

Slides: Silverlight 5: the beta and beyond – by Mike Taulty.

Install Microsoft Silverlight


The event was recorded, however our cameraman is temporarily overseas which has made post-production editing and downloading a bit tricky. Hopefully we’ll have the video ready on his return and I’ll update this page.

With thanks to Ian Smith (irascian) for recording the event and EMC Consulting for providing venue and beers.

irascian EMC Consulting

Want to join the discussion?
The event is geared to please/interest/inform both developers and designers alike, so if you are interested in coming along then please contact either myself or Michelle Flynn (here) and we will be glad to add you to our events mailing list.

Want to present or showcase?
We are always on the lookout for presenters for future sessions – whether it be a high or low level coding walk through, a workflow perspective or showcase demo. If you think that you have a topic/presentation that ought to be shared with the community then please contact me (here) and I’ll see if I can get you scheduled in!

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