Windows Phone 7 released update 7.0.7390.0 to the masses in March 2011.

I don’t know why the latest operating system update for Windows Phone 7 is called “NoDo” but it’s been much anticipated to put right a couple of things that are taken for granted on other platforms (namely “Copy and Paste” functionality). Well, it arrived on my pay-as-you-go O2, HTC HD7 today. The reason why am I so explicit about the network operator and phone model is that in most countries, system patches are dictated by the network operator because of stability testing within the mobile network. There has also be a number of reports of Samsung phones have being having issues with downloading system updates and therefore may be waiting a while for various issues to be diagnosed. Thus it’s April already despite a “NoDo” officially being a March release.

The following may be pretty familiar or straightforward to you if you already own a Windows Phone 7 device, so this is merely a recap and to show some of my non-Windows Phone 7 friends what the update process is like – and to brag a bit that I’ve got “NoDo”.

I just plugged in my HTC HD7 to my laptop to recharge and the Zune desktop client immediately popped up the following alert:

WP7 - Update available

Clicking “Update Now” made the Zune software think about how much space I have free on my C:\ drive for a backup of the entire phone. Luck eludes me because I’m told that I don’t have enough space to perform a complete backup before I install the latest system update. Noting that the HTC HD7 has 16GB of internal memory makes me very aware that you potentially need 16GB free, but I’ve not filled my phone to the brink and I just need to free up 3GB to be sure. That reminds me that while I succeeded to upgrade my laptop’s hard disk, I have not managed to complete the master plan and clear out a year of accumulated data  [You can read that post here:How to turn a physical disk into a bootable VHD”].

WP7 - Update error

After liberating about 3GB from my C:\ drive I could restart the update. Validation checks and warnings out the way, the updater will check what phone you have and start downloading the updates. Exciting!

WP7 - Update download in progress

The update process will then begin to undertake a full phone backup.

WP7 - Update backup in progress

Wow. 30 minutes later, my phone reboots and the Zune software reports that the system update has been applied and now sports a new version number! My HTC HD7 is now “copy and paste” enabled and makes life a lot easier than having to type in really long URLs or email addresses from one application to another. However, this is just one issue addressed out of the long list of observations that I blogged about last November (You can read that post here : Shiny new Windows Phone 7, close but no cigar). One can only wait in anticipation of more updates to plug these holes in productivity features or consistent UI behaviour and design.

WP7 - Update completed!

There is a very good page tucked away on the Windows Phone 7 website that gives information on all the historical system updates available. Find it here: Windows Phone update history. Unfortunately my Samsung friends might have to wait a bit longer for “NoDo” as I don’t know any one of them to have the update available yet.

It was pretty obvious that there was an system update for my HTC HD7 since the Zune software kicked in with an alert. The phone itself prompts you when an update is available and to sync up as soon as possible. If you’ve clicked “Update Later” or exited the upgrade process due to a error condition then there are a couple of ways to get back to the update screen:

The easiest way is just to unplug your Windows Phone 7 device, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in. With any luck, the Zune software will go through the system version checks again.

Alternatively, you can force the Zune software to check the phone immediately by either going to the sync panel, by way of the 3 steps below phone | SUMMARY | PHONE SOFTWARE

Update via Zune - Phone Summary

Alternatively you can go via the phone options panel – SETTINGS | PHONE | UPDATE | UPDATE

Update via Zune - Phone Settings Link

Update via Zune - Phone Settings Panel


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