Well, the release of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) seems to be a bit of a slowly unannounced affair to the world… There has been plenty of noise in the development community where we’ve been anticipating its’ release for some months now. However, to the general public (or even the mobile phone shops for that matter) Windows Phone 7 has just “appeared” – no fanfare, no red carpet.

The arrival of Windows Phone 7 will be a staggered introduction, for once, the UK gets a first look before America! Armed with the knowledge that October 11th was a ‘date for the diaries’ in the UK,  somehow fate managed to ensure that I was different territory; Singapore for 2 weeks where Windows Phone 7 does not make a network appearance till November 21st (fingers-crossed!). So I really did miss out on any buzz, if there was any…

Some colleagues who are frequent tube travellers have spotted WP7 adverts dotted around the stations and on the trains so something of that $400million marketing budget seemed to find its way to London, but its at my regular railway station that WP7 has gone large! It happened sometime this week, when I gave a big smile and a chuckle to the walls of London Bridge Station (the Surrey side – Southern Rail) which were awash with Windows Phone 7 adverts. These walls are big! One of the large video ad screens was playing Windows Phone 7 adverts too.

The photos below where taken this evening so I hope my not-so-smart-Nokia camera does some justice to this splendid effort!

London Bridge Station - Windows Phone 7 Advert

London Bridge Station - Windows Phone 7 Advert 

London Bridge Station - Windows Phone 7 Advert


My colleague Jon Sharratt rushed down to the local O2 and acquired a HTC HD7. It seems that there is some exclusivity between the phone manufacturers and the network providers, since certain HTC or Samsung models are only available from particular phone network operators. Have faith though, within a couple of hours Jon’s HD7 was liberated from the O2 network too.

Brand new HTC HD7


Despite the constant drooling from the rest of the EMC team we all had a good chuckle at the warning message on the protective screen packaging. If you get this phone, remember to check your pants!

    HTC's pants warning


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