School holidays over so it’s time for another meeting! Heralding a call to return back to some of the more fundamental aspects of Silverlight development, I’m pleased to announce that the next meeting will feature Guy Smith-Ferrier (who organises the .Net Developer Network) talking about Internationalizing Silverlight.  

In case you missed it – Silverlight 4 underwent a service update yesterday too. It’s optional for end-users because it depends on the settings in the plugin on whether the user wants to silently accept all updates or be notified. The latest version of Silverlight 4 is now 4.0.50826.0 and the full details can be found in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB2164913. Tim Heuer has given a concise roundup of the more important aspects of the changes/fixes, more so because the SDK has been updated too.

For those that have been head scratching at the positioning of Silverlight and the massive advances in the forthcoming HTML5, the Silverlight Team have published their view of when to use Silverlight to complement HTML5 or vice-versa. Read it all here.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) handset coming to a shop near you. Some lucky developers out there have been given exclusive use of pre-release handsets to test their new apps out on (I can only say that I have handled a test WP7 handset for a couple of hours… I had to give it back afterwards!) However, there is a noticeably growing hubbub of excitement as the news that the consumer release of Windows Phone 7 will be expected very soon! After playing about with the developer handset (an LG model) I was delighted that the touch screen was responsive and the applications quick – the form factor was a bit on the chunky side, but this model features a slide out keyboard. I was not sure if I could publish any photos of the handset, so take a look at the photos by instead!


Meeting details are below:

Date: Wednesday 15th September 2010
Time: Registration @ 18:00, Kick off @18:30 – please don’t be late! Till about 21:00
Where: EMC Consulting, (formerly Conchango), 
Notcutt House, 36 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9EU.

Registration is required, space will be limited, so please register by sending us an

Registered attendees will be notified with any final details by Monday 13th September.



Registration @18:00

Welcome/Kick off @ 18:30

“Internationalizing Silverlight 4?”
with Guy Smith-Ferrier

So you’ve written your Silverlight application and you want it to work in another language ? Then this session is for you. World-Readiness is all of the work that a developer needs to do to globalize an application and make it localizable (ie: capable of being localized). Whereas these concepts are well established in Windows Forms and ASP.NET, Silverlight is not only a cut-down version of the .NET Framework but also cross platform and client-side. In this session you will learn how to localize Silverlight applications using .resx files, download culture-specific resources on demand so that users only download resources for the culture they need, understand what System.Globalization types and properties Silverlight does not support and why, what globalization and font support you can expect on Windows and the Mac, what the Silverlight installation user experience is for non-English users and what language support you can expect from the Silverlight framework.


Most of our user group are Tweet’ers, so if there’s anything you want to share amongst the group, then check out our Twitter hashtag or user accounts:


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Michelle Flynn

Please register and I hope to see you there!


About Guy Smith-Ferrier

Guy Smith-Ferrier

Guy is an MVP in ASP.NET. He is the author of ".NET Internationalization" published by Addison-Wesley ( He is a Microsoft Certified Professional developer, author, trainer and speaker, has spoken at many European and US conferences and is an INETA Speaker. He runs The .NET Developer Network (, a free .NET user group in the South West of England. He co-organises DDD South West (, a free one day technical event in the South West of England. He has written over 50 articles for numerous magazines and has co-authored an application development book. You can read his blog at and catch him on Twitter at @GuySmithFerrier |


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