Well, I have to thank Paul Dawson and Rob Chandler for giving me my first proper media opportunity to speak in front of the camera about Silverlight and Expression Blend. Microsoft were filming a number of short interviews for their Web Chemistry campaign and as part of the unrehearsed, tell-it-like-it-is style of filming, I only had 15 mins notice before sat down in front of the camera. I’ve spoken at many a pitch or client workshop, I’ve hosted and introduced plenty of Silverlight UK User Group evenings – one was in a cinema with 200 people, but there is something rather nervy when it’s just you, alone in front of rather professional camera and sound boom.

So, here it is, the link to my video on the Microsoft Showcase website (there is no easy way to embed it here). Recorded sometime in April 2010 and only released from post production recently. Hope you find it useful while I just watch it again, perplexed at my debut…

 Microsoft Web Chemistry - Silverlight and Expression Blend



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