So, "possibly the biggest Silverlight show on earth" was over and gone… but not everyone had the chance to go and experience the event first hand – even with the wonders of Silverlight web streaming, you could probably only pick up half of the buzz that was going on.

Even though the event has now passed, there is still a ton of post-event information on the MIX10 website… including videos (streaming and download), resource links and much more.

I have to admit, I was one of the unfortunate majority that was not able to attend (although I did have a baby boy to deliver instead!) and so there was a general consensus a while ago to run an evening off the back of the MIX10 Conference, to help spread the buzz, experience and highlights of MIX10 and allow everyone to discuss the biggest and poignant takeouts from the event… from both a developer’s and a designer’s perspective (should they be different?). So, it was a rather smaller affair this time round at the EMC Consulting London office, but nevertheless just as cosy as we did manage a full house on the 24th March.

Thank you to those that registered and attended the evening. Special thanks to our four presenters for getting organised at MIX10 itself(!) and pulling together the slide decks and material at short notice:

  • Adam Kinney (Microsoft Expression Evangelist and regular Channel9 presenter) kindly adapted his current UK touring schedule to present a Designer’s roundup of MIX10 and Expression Blend 4.
  • Richard Griffin (Expression Blend MVP) who discussed some of the newer features to Blend and the new contributions to Xaml
  • Ian Smith* (Irascian) gave overviews of the conference, night-life, and a Developer’s view of the Silverlight, IE9 and other major announcements.
  • Ian Blackburn (bbits) also summarised key points for developers, but also delved deeper into what Windows Phone 7 tools and toys are available to play with now!

*Note: the lack of video this time round was twofold, (i) our cameraman Ian Smith was presenting and (ii) we could not guarantee sound quality during any audience participation in the discussions, so sorry! the slides will have to suffice this time!

We have grabbed a Twitter hashtag since many of our members have some existence on Twitter and has been gathering a pace of activity… check it out!


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I’ve embedded all the slide decks from Adam Kinney, Richard Griffin, Ian Smith and Ian Blackburn (chronological order). If you did not make it to the evening, or have not yet attended a Silverlight UK User Group evening you can join the mailing list here and we’ll keep you informed or of course, you can just check back with my blog.









We also handed out some Expression-Blend3-Design-Template-Fridge-Magnets and some Microsoft-Expression-Blend3-Supersize-Mugs as freebies… (the in-joke being that they needed shifting before Blend4 is released! not true!)

Expression-Blend3-Design-Template-Fridge-Magnets Microsoft-Expression-Blend3-Supersize-Mugs


Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank our current sponsors…

EMC Consulting for providing the venue.
Microsoft for providing the beer & softies.


Want to join the discussion?
The event is geared to please/interest/inform both developers and designers alike, so if you are interested in coming along then please contact either myself or Michelle Flynn (here) and we will be glad to take your details.

Want to present or showcase?
We are always on the lookout for presenters for future sessions – whether it be a high or low level coding walk through, a workflow perspective or showcase demo. If you think that you have a topic/presentation that ought to be shared with the community then please contact me (here) and I’ll see if I can get you scheduled in!

In addition to emailing us directly there is also a Facebook group for the "Silverlight UK User Group" that we set up. Check for updates there too!


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