I was particularly proud to be invited to support the Microsoft Expression & Silverlight UK Launch on the 22nd July. Ian Ellison-Taylor (General Manager of Presentation Platforms and Tools Group at Microsoft) presented the keynote and oversaw the proceedings. Microsoft has just released the recordings/footage of the event which is available in its entirety here.

A project that I’ve been working on recently was showcased by Paul DawsonTesco BeautyRoompowered by Silverlight 3 and the TescoAPI.  BeautyRoom is not publically available yet due to final user testing against the latest version of the TescoAPI which will be revealed at the TJAM event later this week , but you can see the video here.

Expression & Silverlight 3 UK Launch Videos

We also ran the Silverlight UK User Group in the evening directly after the launch event, with Ian Ellison-Taylor presenting and making himself more directly available to the user group members over a bottle of beer and pizza. Considering that Ian was only visiting from Redmond for a couple of days, he showed an impressive bout of stamina against the jetlag!

The evening’s session video is available to view below.


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