"Whatcha lookin’ at?" seems to be the common question over my shoulder while I try to watch a webcast and continue bashing out code.

"It’s the PDC 2008 Keynote!" I exclaim, trying to shoo away yet another distraction…

Ray Ozzie is introducing Microsoft’s new vision of computing in the cloud… Microsoft Azure
So rather than having to share my headphones around a gathering group; I mutter "Go to www.microsoftpdc.com/ and watch it live, its already started".

Peace resumes again.

In fact, each day of the PDC there is a keynote session and Microsoft are streaming it live over the web. It kicks off at 08:30(PST) which is 15:30 in the UK (lots of scratching heads while working that out, since our clocks changed an hour over the weekend).

Just go to the main page on the Microsoft PDC 2008 website and click the "WATCH keynote live" in the large Silverlight panel at the top.

Oh, and also have a spin with the DeepZoom panel beneath it – it can get a bit annoying when trying to navigate around the page, but it’s still worth a look!


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