We had another meeting on Wednesday, particularly shorter than previous meetings but feature packed nevertheless!

Richard Costall and Pete McGann came down from the Midlands and presented "Silverlight, XNA and Gaming"; which was an informative reflection on how they went about rebuilding Manic Miner in .NET and XNA and then remapped the presentation layer to Silverlight. Audience participation has once again prevailed to keep the sessions interactive and tailored to what is of interest and it was no surprise that game development techniques eg: collision detection; were at the forefront of a lot of questions.

Recordings to the event are available on Michelle’s blog (here).


We asked for feedback at the start of the evening and thanks to those that filled out the cards and dropped in suggestions. We are continuously looking to maintain a high level of interest/involvement at the meetings, so please let us know of what we need to improve.. here are some examples.

  • Subject areas… Silverlight? Blend? Designer/Developer workflow?
  • Format… want more time networking? longer sessions? shorter sessions? demos?
  • Want to present?… let us know what you want to show!
  • Seen a presenter or session elsewhere? let us know who or where you saw it, maybe we can get them along too

You can send in suggestions/feedback through the links at the end of this blog post.

As promised; below is a selection of those from the night.

“Very informative, interested me greatly due to the background. Designers probably felt left out but the technical ability was outstanding. Really good presentation. Peter is a real talent!”

“Probably a bit less typical designer view as I am interesting in games and games graphics but although technical aspects of the presentation hasn’t completely lost me. Plus really useful to get a idea of what aspects of game graphics are affected by aspects of the games engine. How the way we make graphics can help the game developer, improve performance etc….”

“Really enjoyed the session, good mix, good ideas which can be used anywhere in general programming”

“As a dev and as a fan of retro games & Silverlight I enjoyed all aspects of the presentation. I also liked the tips about using the ASP.NET Providers”

“Well presented by both Richard and Peter. Great organisation of the event.”

“Very good demo, love to see new things in progress. Collision detection stuff was very useful for Silverlight. Would definitely come again!”

“I would like to see a more technical breakdown of how certain techniques were used to overcome problems encountered. Enjoyed the meeting – many thanks”

“Everything was great, can’t wait for the next one! Made gaming interesting to a non-gamer. Really interested in seeing Silverlight with mapping tools.”

Next meeting?

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 5th November in London. There are number of big events in and around that date:


We don’t want to be in competition with VBUG we’ll still hold the next meeting on the 5th November, so please come along if you are specifically interested in Silverlight. I’ll post up the details as soon as I can.

Finally a grateful thanks to those that presented, those that attended and the team that works behind the scenes getting it all organised on the day (Michelle Flynn, Steven Evans, Matt Bagwell and Anthony Steele).

Want to join the discussion?
The event is geared to please/interest/inform both developers and designers alike, so if you are interested in coming along then please contact either myself or Michelle Flynn (here) and we’ll be glad to take your details.

Want to present or showcase?
We are always on the lookout for presenters for future sessions – whether it be a high or low level coding walk through, a designer’s perspective, working practices or showcase demo. If you think that have a topic/presentation that ought to be shared with the community then please contact either me here and I’ll see if we can schedule you in!


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