It’s out! The Microsoft team have been incredibly busy but they’ve managed to make Silverlight 2 Beta 2 public today!

Get your old versions of Silverlight uninstalled and upgrade to the new Beta now!

Like the previous Beta 1, it comes with "Go Live" licence to allow developers and organizations authorization to begin deployment of their applications using pre-RTM code. The recommendation is for developers to use the "Go Live" license and the Beta 2 to begin building applications with the knowledge that Microsoft will be updating the bits in the future. In fact those that already have "Go Live" licences should be rapidly upgrading to the new version this week.

You can download the runtime and development tools/addons at the Microsoft Silverlight website.

As always, Scott Gu  and Shawn Wildermuth have done some outstanding blog posts on the pertinent/interesting changes in Beta 2 and Expression Blend.

Enjoy and get Silverlighting!

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