I run various Virtual PC systems from my laptop but recently, for some reason I lost the VPC 2007 console off screen. I thought that a new addition to my list of VPCs had trashed my configuration, since I could run a desired VPC by double-clicking it’s respective ".vmc" file but the VPC console would briefly appear on the task bar but disappear off screen!

No matter how hard I tried to get the console back it remained minimised on my taskbar and the systray applet would just tantalisingly flash an outline of the console when selecting "Show Virtual PC Console". Gahhhh!

Then through a combination of uninstalling/reinstalling Virtual PC 2007 and changing my extended desktop settings I finally came across a settings file for the console. This file resides not in the "Program Files" folder as I had assumed… but rather in my local profile – try typing "%appdata%\Microsoft\Virtual PC" into the "Run command" box on the Windows Start menu. You should be able to see an "Options.xml", which contains a the following definition towards the end of the file:

            <height type="integer">254</height>
            <left_position type="integer">237210383</left_position>
            <top_position type="integer">237210383</top_position>
            <visible type="boolean">true</visible>
            <width type="integer">359</width>
            <left_position type="integer">469</left_position>
            <top_position type="integer">254</top_position>
            <left_position type="integer">469</left_position>
            <top_position type="integer">254</top_position>

Note, the values for the left_position and top_position are completely wacky! They definitely do not correspond with any screen position that is viewable from my laptop or extended desktop! Resetting these values to something sensible like 100 and restarting VPC 2007 solves the problem….

            <left_position type="integer">100</left_position>

top_position type="integer">100</top_position>


Console restored – Excellent!

By the way, if you want to ensure that your VPC runs in peak condition, check out Merrick Chaffer’s Virtual PC tips.

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